Why TranslateMe Network?

TranslateMe Network aims to build a blockchain-based, hybrid AI algorithm of man and machine that translates any language for any online service, using an end point API, that can be plugged into any website, device or application connected to the internet. The benefits of this service include up to 90% reduction in cost to the user, complete privacy options and no restriction of use.

How does it work?

Ever use Google Translate? You open the browser, type in some text, and click submit. Almost instantly, converted text appears. It’s good enough to copy and paste to your long-lost friend on Telegram, who doesn’t speak English. The process involves collecting your text, sending it to Google’s machine for translation and the machine guesses, to the best of its understanding, what the translated version of these sentences would be, then it sends it back. A lot more goes on here, but essentially it’s that simple; the machine translates text and sends it back.

Now… imagine being able to do this live? This means that as you submit messages, the machine immediately submits a translated message back. This process is possible, and we have demonstrated this on our Telegram translator app, which translates live chat between two individuals of different languages. No more copy and paste. The service is possible because the translation is available as a plugin and can be added to any website or platform. We are building this feature on a network that will enhance the entire translation industry. Our network will continue to learn from human input, by resourcing millions of users’ corrections to rapidly train our algorithm.

Growth online and revenue potential

The internet has had a major effect on society and many of us don’t even realize how heavily we depend on connectivity for every day tasks. Web browsing has turned to app browsing, connectivity on our mobile devices has become commonplace, and even in our homes more and more devices are being connected.

The internet is driven by profit. Everything behind its growth stems from profit.The more users there are online, the higher the yields in profit potential… so in its own way, the internet is a virtual business, growing as more users consume its services.

Only half of the world is connected to the internet!

User activity is still growing, and with only half the world connected to the internet we can expect millions more connecting in the years to come.

Some of the major reasons for so many people still being unconnected include censorship, data costs , infrastructure and language.
Just being connected to the internet is not enough to make full use of its potential to uplift and build. Understanding content and information in your own language encourages growth.

Language encourages more users

TranslateMe Network offers an alternative to any website, application, or online service. By leveraging the advantages of Blockchain, TranslateMe Network can build up a network with no capital outlay for hardware, and with none of the operating costs normally associated with delivering a commercial service like translation.

Why Blockchain ? Why TMN ?

We need a value system that’s unique to the services offered on the network. Without a specialised token built into the network, we wouldn’t be able to achieve crowd contribution in hardware and data mining. A token is also needed to charge consumers for the services offered on the network. Value is passed on by leveraging start-up costs with a decentralised incentive model. This helps TranslateMe rapidly build resources by crowd funding hardware, assisted by human suggestions of better machine translation. These contributions from humans actually train our network much faster than traditional methods of training and increase the quality of our machine translation where the algorithm lacks human understanding.

How can you contribute?

Recently, we have released an MVP. It’s built as a web version on www.translateme.chat or on Android Play Store, now in an android application. In June 2019, we will release the IOS version.

You can earn TMN as a contributor by reviewing the messages translated in the Telegram Application. Corrections are collected to help us build better machine translation, and users are paid for their corrections in TMN. It’s still a basic reward system, but it demonstrates a use case for our token.

Translators can contribute by submitting previous work completed or submit ongoing work they complete, this data can be used once off as raw input data.

Miners can help us build a worldwide network that will rapidly train our models and serve API requests. The network will also be used to collect data useful for the network’s training of other languages.

Investors can help us seed funding for the future growth of the network and increase our roll out of the network to achieve our goal of a commercial version of our network by the end of 2019.

Of course, just supporting our social groups and sharing our progress with others is appreciated too.

Why buy TMN Now ?

Buying into the TMN Network will ensure a place at the table, and a unique opportunity to reap many benefits. Our project has enormous growth potential, which will come to fruition from real use of the network on various industry sectors. We foresee immediate adoption of our API in the tourism industry, as well as other sectors like education, communication services and unique products that provide language solutions to solve the language barrier.

Our service will offer privacy for all data translated on the network. The cost of translation will be 90% less than current services providers. Quality scores in machine translation will grow with our unique human contribution model that essentially makes our AI algorithm a hybrid learning network of man and machine. All revenue generated with the network services offered to end users will create a return mechanism that will reward users for holding /staking TMN of a estimated 4.5% return.

Thanks to all those who have already supported us in any way.

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Disruptive decentralized language translation algorithm that is peer to peer token incentive based. Distributed computing and machine learning.