TranslateMe Upgrades Telegram APP

Great new improvements to our amazing MVP.

The past couple of months we have been working hard on completing our IOS version of our android Telegram Translation MVP.

Telegram Translator was designed to demonstrate the use case for machine translation and how effective it can be at bringing new users to any platform.

We also added the feature for users to earn TMN by easily correcting machine translation in their native language. The application was simply designed to clearly explain TranslateMe Network’s vision for the future of the internet.

The Internet will be completely translated by machine in the near future but corrected by humans in exchange for TMN.

We release an updated version of our Telegram application today and our first version on IOS platform.

This is going to be a significant turning point for TranslateMe, we have successfully implemented strategies that will reduce costs for our application. This means more user retention. We now can leverage this application growth with advertising for TranslateMe Network.

We will be updating the application in the next two weeks to include a promotion feature, the additional feature will pay users to use our application per message sent one TMN will be credited. The increased efficiency and more free credits mean the user should enjoy months of free usage. We will market this feature as an exclusive offer for NEO telegram groups and NEP5 groups.

We hope to achieve up to 1000 engaged users using our application across these networks for 60 to 90 days pending max TMN available for promotion.

Disruptive decentralized language translation algorithm that is peer to peer token incentive based. Distributed computing and machine learning.