TranslateMe Network New Members

2 min readAug 29, 2019


Four new experts join TranslateMe Network

The past two months, our founders have continued to push forward. TranslateMe Network combines two of the largest growing technologies today. Using AI with machine learning and Blockchain, the founders aim to build the worlds first decentralized machine-translation network.
We are honoured and grateful for the support demonstrated by the industry experts.

We welcome the following new developers to TranslateMe Network, each with a specialized contribution to our project goals.

Silvestre Losada

Virat Singh

Sean Shuping

Mohamed Boudan

Each member is strategically approached to assist in the development of our machine translation service. The real strength of our project depends on the expertise we resource. As we prepare for funding, we are building a team that believes in creating something extraordinary.
We will continue to grow our team and attract experts that support our project goals.




Disruptive decentralized language translation algorithm that is peer to peer token incentive based. Distributed computing and machine learning.