TranslateMe: 2019 Updates

The TranslateMe team has been very busy behind the scenes, making our goals for the project come to life. In this article we invite you to read about some of the developments that have taken place over the last couple of months, as well as the projects that we plan to execute in the near future.

Telegram Web App

Our web app has currently been tested by over 100 users, and that number is growing every day. We are receiving positive feedback and daily reports of any errors or bugs.

The web app is our first proof of concept application, and it demonstrates the power of a simple integration of translation technology, and an already widely used and accepted app.

Some screenshots of our web app in action

The app translates live chats for users on a web version of Telegram. This means that it is actually a version of Telegram that we have altered to include this feature. We added a basic reward feature, which rewards users for submitting suggested corrections of messages translated by our machine translation. These corrections are used as our primary data for testing the best methods for optimizing our algorithm and ultimately improving the machine’s understanding of translation. Our language translation model is the first to do this, and its unique approach ensures ongoing improvement of the machine’s ability to correctly translate language. The goal is that eventually, with our ideal combination of human input, machine translation and AI, we will achieve 99.9 % correct results.

The ability to suggest corrections on a machine’s limited understanding means that the algorithm would help many languages gradually contribute the data needed to achieve higher quality results. The applications are endless. Communities that may want to preserve culture in the form of unique associated language could do so on as a platform to preserve their valued culture.

Another recent improvement of our web app is the inclusion of more languages, including French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic.

Feel free to join our Telegram web app on

Android App in Development

We have been working very hard to make our translation application available to Android users. We plan to release our Android version end of March 2019. The app will be available on the Google Play Store.

The provision of an Android app will increase the user experience, and the app will operate faster overall. We plan to promote the app as a free translation app for Telegram. We hope to keep the core features free, and offer premium options in exchange for TMN or possibly NEO. This app will serve as a primary application that will include other chat apps in the future, as well as additional translation tools and the official TMN wallet with rewards dashboard. The app will serve as our community communication channel and a marketing tool to further our agenda in the larger crypto community.

TranslateMe GPU Facility for Machine Learning

This month, February 2019, we have received funding to set up a small GPU machine learning facility. Our goal is to build TranslateMe’s first internal test network. The network will essentially be an intranet of 10 mining rigs, previously tasked with mining Ethereum but reconfigured for machine learning. This facility has been made possible by a combined contribution of TMN supporters and the founders investing further into the TranslateMe project.

These machines will perform all tasks required to serve completed machine translation with end point API*** for easy integration with our own projects, and other commercial uses, in the near future.

We will use this facility to test our proof of concept and reward of TMN for machine power, just as Ethereum does on their POW model, we will have a Proof of Translation.

*** An application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact. Used by many platforms to share secure access to functionality of a particular software or service.

Translation Marketplace

We are creating an exciting marketplace for translation, an online platform that instantly translates your documents with machine learning. There will be the option to push these documents towards translators in order to further improve the translation.

We have created a video demonstrating how this marketplace will work. Click on the link below to watch.

All documentation is easily managed and categorized. We integrate a QR code that’s assigned to your documents for sharing purposes, and for use on printed documents. This platform will accept TMN and NEO as payment for the work that’s’ required. Users will pay per character for machine translation, and a premium rate per character for translators’ input. Translators will also have the opportunity to build their reputation on the platform, with help from customer reviews and community rating features that ensure quality translation is achieved. The platform opens its doors to crypto projects and businesses needing quick yet effective translation solutions.

Join TranslateMe on our Alpha app, which translates real time Telegram messages into many different languages.

Earn TMN tokens for simply messaging on our platform, or contributing valid corrections in your own language.

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