Monthly Roundup: May 2019

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May has been a progressive and exciting period for the team at TranslateMe. We’ve done many updates and improvements, to make our products and services better for our supporters.

Here are just a few of our major highlights:

Huge Spike in Social Following

We have been absolutely blown away by our increase in social following. Thank you to all of our loyal supporters by liking and sharing, and welcome to all of our new supporters. Social media plays a crucial role in our project as it allows us to communicate with our audience and provide important information.

We currently have over 6000 Twitter followers-

We currently have over 11,000 members in our Telegram Group-

Website Revamps

Since our project has undergone so many important upgrades, we decided that it was time to give our websites a well-deserved makeover, making them more engaging and user-friendly:

- — This site is our main site, where you will find all the info you need to know about the project.

- — This site provides a portal to login to our instantly translated chat service.

- — We are really proud of this site, which allows you to create instantly translated docs, with a QR code.

- — This site is specifically designed for menu translations.

- — Are you a translator? You may want to create an account on this site and start earning TMN by providing us with translations.


W launched our IEO on Probit at the beginning on May. We wanted to reward the token holders who have supported us thus far by providing a bonus of 20% to token holders with 20,000TMN or more at the time that the snapshot was taken.

Check out our IEO here-


We have teamed up with some great projects, and are officially listed on the following coin trackers:



App Updates

Our Android app, which was released in April, received some exciting udpates, which included more languages being added and the rewards system.

Thanks again for all your continued support!

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Disruptive decentralized language translation algorithm that is peer to peer token incentive based. Distributed computing and machine learning.

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