April Round Up for TranslateMe

4 min readMay 6, 2019


TranslateMe April 2019 Round Up

TranslateMe Network has the potential to expand user activity by bridging the gaps in the translation industry.

Our Mission :

TranslateMe Network aims to build a blockchain-based hybrid AI algorithm, making use of both man and machine, that translates any language for any online service using an end point API that can be plugged into any website, device or application connected to the internet. The benefits of up to 90% reduction in cost to the user, complete privacy options and no restriction of use.

Development Progress April 2019

April has been a very busy and exciting month for the TranslateMe team, and over the past few weeks we have seen many new developments.

Telegram Translator

We released an Android version of our MVP over the Easter weekend. We strategically selected Telegram as a platform to build our MVP ( minimum viable product ) on, because of its popularity in the crypto communities. The MVP demonstrates the power of translation, and it also has a basic reward system built in that rewards users for correcting machine translation and submitting this data to our unique algorithm. The Android version of our MVP currently has over 20 000 users with over a 100 new users a day. It is very important for future plans, to complete the full cycle of our TMN token being used as payment for machine translation and other related services.

IOS version is all ready in development 👍 We are planning to release the IOS version of our app in early June 2019

Instant Document Translation platform

In 2016 we developed a menu translation solution for hotels — www.translateme.menu . This concept has evolved considerably, and could be used for any printed document that needs translation of the content translated. Using a QR code on the printed document a user can scan this and be directed to a digital version of the printed content, select the preferred language and translate the document on a connected device.

What we have added to ensure even better results is a Freelancer Market, which enables machine translated documents to be further updated by human translators and increase the quality of the final product. The platform makes it easy for the user to manager multiple docs in multiple languages, paying a market related price that is reduced by enabling a direct connection with the translator.

Development has been slightly delayed but is still planned to be launched as a alpha version this month. A lot of background work has been achieved, like the 30 translators ready to sign up and test. The domain for this will be www.translateme.market and it will accept NEO/GAS and TMN as payment for companies to quickly translate docs with machine learning and have the option to push docs to human translators, who will be rewarded in TMN and paid in NEO/Gas for the work.

Alpha Network Launch

In the past couple of months we have procured hardware in the form of investors providing there mining rigs for our test network. We have closed various deals for tokens to setup our own mining facility that will serve as a testing phase of our Linux-based network that will distribute computing power needed to train language models and serve requests for machine translation. Our Linux development for this platform started in early April and we anticipate an MVP by end of May for our community with mining rigs to connect and earn TMN in our testing phase.

New Partners

Our partners in April sit at a total of 4, and each play a contributing role. We plan to network with many more as our services become commercially viable for them to use and test for us.

Blockmesh.io is building a decentralised network of the internet of things with its core focus on free communication that will serve as a commercial network to IOT devices. We plan offer integrated translation services that will assist with their communication software and development.

Conjure.network is solving major content censorship issues and building their own decentralised content platform. All the content on the network will be connected to our plugin and enable users to browse the platform in their preferred language.

Oystermedia.co.za is a development media house in South Africa with a 10 year track record in web development and online marketing. Their support for our project helps reduce our development costs and assist with management of our marketing.

Faclonsolutions.io is an application development firm that specialises in app development with android and IOS. They will provide cost effective quality assistance in many of our projects.

Marketing and social growth

TranslateMe Network has made a lot of progress in April and achieved some real milestones in development and marketing.

Our switcheo.network airdrop was a success giving away 1500 tokens to almost 2000 new users and supporters of switcheo.network we are pleased to see these wallets holding TMN for over a month now. We want to recognise switcheo.network and openly thank them for there ongoing support of our project.

Our treasure hunt was a complete success with the exception of an early end, but we will repeat this. In late May 2019 we will open a second wallet with new assortment of tokens in the NEP5 Eco system and begin another fun round of treasure hunting. We will take to guard the final clues and make it a little harder this time round.

Our Telegram tripled in following and Twitter doubled.

I want to thank you all for your belief in our work and project. Let’s share this news of our April progress when we release the medium article.

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Disruptive decentralized language translation algorithm that is peer to peer token incentive based. Distributed computing and machine learning.