TranslateMe Network Introduction:

TranslateMe Network was founded in 2018 by
Ryan Lloyd and ( )
Stephan Lagesse ( )

Our goal? Build a trustless translation solution using AI and blockchain technology. Which aims to become a leader in a 60 Billion USD a year market in Translation.

The Problem:

Only 0.3% of all languages are commercially available by machine translation providers.

Language coverage is low due to a lack of data for training machine learning models.

No current service provider that guarantees privacy.

High cost for translation service across all providers.

The solution:

TranslatMe enabled by the incentive…

Another amazing milestone for the TranslateMe Network team. As part of our goal to achieve a truly decentralized translation network.

TranslateMe Network is the future of translation with an ambitious goal to translate the internet. As we move into the fourth industrial revolution. Machine translation is an important part of the internet’s evolution.

TranslateMe Network was founded in NOV 2018 with a goal to break the world's language barriers online. Using the latest in machine translation and blockchain technology, TranslateMe is developing a unique approach to machine translation.

An AI algorithm that continuously learns from users submitting corrected sentences generated…

The future of machine translation.

Blockchain stacking is not only a replacement for the traditional database, it also provides a tamper-proof, distributed ledger system.

Which will maintain consensus over the distributed ledger that can be accessible to all anytime. It is a technology that allows us to store data and distribute over an enterprise peer network

BENEFITS OF BLOCKCHAIN for TranslateMe Network

1. Tamper proof

2. Business logic is deployed in smart contract

3. Best Back up system

4. Role-based Authentication and Authorization in the distribution layer.

5. CSP implement

6. Order maintain consensus

7. CA-based authentication using advance hashing

8. Hashed Data

9. Distributed…

A devoted user in telegram recently asked us some great questions about our latest updates to our telegram translator and our additional features for validating user suggestions.

His questions are as follows:

Question -1. Can the users use the app in any Telegram group and be rewarded with TMN for contributions, or is there are only some selected groups where users get rewarded?

Answer: 1. The telegram translator can be used as a normal telegram application with the added features TranslateMe has implemented. Translation in any group or personal chat. …

We did a great AMA with the community in Vietnamese for NEO

On telegram, the community asked many questions and we have recorded them here for you all to review, we also included the reply in Vietnamese using our Telegram Translator we built as a proof of concept.

Q1: Which languages will be provided for people to translate?

(Vietnamese) Bạn đã cung cấp cho người dùng dịch vụ dịch thuật cho những ngôn ngữ nào rồi?

Ryan Lloyd Founder:
Thank you for this question, we have developed a French to English model as a proof of concept, using community contribution…

A couple of weeks ago we completed the 3rd version of our French to English AI model.

This week we are pleased to announce after just 4 days of training our English to French model has been completed. This allows us to convert text instantly from French to English and now from English to french.

With this, we will push to develop a simple API that will be launched for internal testing on our website and on our Telegram Translator Application.

In 2016 TranslateMe LTD was born in Mauritius, the company positioned itself as a niche translation service provider for hotels and restaurants. The company created an instant translation solution for menus.

The concept a first of its kind used Google Translation API to convert menus uploaded by the client into multiple languages. The product was an instant success but was short-lived by the apparent costs levied by Google Translation Service. The company was forced to adjust pricing and penalise the customer for usage that exceeded the monthly subscription. …

Great new improvements to our amazing MVP.

The past couple of months we have been working hard on completing our IOS version of our android Telegram Translation MVP.

Telegram Translator was designed to demonstrate the use case for machine translation and how effective it can be at bringing new users to any platform.

We also added the feature for users to earn TMN by easily correcting machine translation in their native language. The application was simply designed to clearly explain TranslateMe Network’s vision for the future of the internet.

The Internet will be completely translated by machine in the near…

Four new experts join TranslateMe Network

The past two months, our founders have continued to push forward. TranslateMe Network combines two of the largest growing technologies today. Using AI with machine learning and Blockchain, the founders aim to build the worlds first decentralized machine-translation network.
We are honoured and grateful for the support demonstrated by the industry experts.

We welcome the following new developers to TranslateMe Network, each with a specialized contribution to our project goals.

Silvestre Losada

The latest news and updates.

TranslateMe Network would like to thank our amazing community for all there support so far this year. Our community has reached new highs this month and continues to grow organically as we enter JULY 2019.

We have a lot to look forward to in JULY 2019

IOS release of MVP
New advisory member — Specialist AI
New partnership announcement
Mining MVP release for our distributed network
New listing on 1st JULY
New Airdrop partnership New IEO in


Disruptive decentralized language translation algorithm that is peer to peer token incentive based. Distributed computing and machine learning.

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